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Free marketing tools for seo: Research & Optimisation

These pages have been put together primarily to help inexperienced webmasters find and use free marketing tools and avoid having to spend a fortune on seo if it isn’t necessary, but also as a resource for anyone who wants to get some free advice on optimising a website.

When I say they are free I mean free.

I have been to several high profile sites where they promise free seo tools and free marketing tools only to be disappointed by the quality of them the or ease of access or the cost in monetary terms!

Yes…I am talking about websites high in the rankings for these tools that offer free stuff, most of it online tools with no features and all on different sites, and when you want to try them out you land on a questionaire page…followed by the obligatory ‘win an iPhone’ opportunity…just submit your mobile phone number. Well…I was not born yesterday, these so-called free tools end up costing several euros just to try them.  That is not free.

Here you get quality tools that work, 100% free unless you choose to upgrade. OK, there is an email registration process to sign up to in order to get your download on some of them, but as long as you sign up with a throw away email address, you’ll never get any spam.

So what’s in it for me?

Good question. Essentially there is nothing in it for me apart from traffic and from my visitors perhaps some quality backlinks, if they like what they find here. The only financial gain for me is that on two or three of these products there is an affiliate link. You get free products, 100% free seo tools, but then later if you upgrade I get paid a commission. If you keep the free product then I don’t get a cent. I really want to keep this site free of adverts, they are so distracting. But in the long run they might appear just to keep things ticking over. I still have costs to pay.


See recent posts, more free marketing tools to come…

  • Keyword research tools  Some guidance into the use of free marketing tools for keyword research and how to pick better keywords.
  • Website auditing tools  How to spot problems and how to become an expert in optimising  your website pages using top free marketing tools.
  • Content tools   How you can create quality content for your pages without any knowledge of the subject by creatively using free marketing tools.
  • Indexing tools  You have your pages ready for your audience, but first you need to get them picked up and indexed by the search engines.
  • Backlink tools  Now you must go out there and hunt for places to put your backlinks, both for traffic and for improving your search engine position.
  • Rank checking tools  Here is the best way of tracking your progress in the search engines, a top free seo program to tell you where your website stands.

If you follow all these tips and tutorials, then there is no reason why you should not rank well for a few good keywords. The problem is always going to be your choice of keywords. If you decide to be ambitious then expect to need help from an seo guy like me :)

If you are clever and target the right keywords then you are almost guaranteed success, providing your content is engaging and good enough. Just make sure you pay attention at the keyword research stage because so much of the success of any website is attributable to the work done at that stage because it makes much of the work at the latter stages much simpler for you.

Best of luck, I hope you enjoy using some of these excellent pieces of free marketing software and that you make plenty of money in the process.